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Varda Bridge
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Adana Archeology Museum
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Ancient City of Anavarza
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An Exceptional History

Ancient City of Anavarza

Ancient City of Anavarza is located in 28 kilometers south of Kozan, in Dilekkaya Village. After Roman Em...

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Adana Archeology Museum

New Adana Museum Complex is Turkey’s largest museum complex. The first step of the project, building of t...

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Varda Bridge

Varda Bridge is located in roughly 2 kilometers north of Hacıkırı Village, Karaisalı county and it is ref...

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Taşköprü (Stone Bridge)

Taş Köprü goes across Seyhan River to connect Seyhan and Yüreğir counties. It was built in the age of Roman Empire in Adana and it is a prominent symbol of the city.

Sabancı Merkez Mosque

Sabancı Merkez l Mosque is located in the west of Seyhan River. It was built in 1988-1998. Sabancı Central Mosque is the largest mosque of Turkey with its 6 minarets.

Ancient City of Şar Komana

Ancient City of Şar Komana is located in Şar Village, 20 kilometers away from Tufanbeyli county. It was used as a residential area in Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods.

Yumurtalık (Ayas) Castles

Ancient City of Aigeai Ancient City of Aigeai was used as a naval base because of its strategical location. One of Asklepios’ 3Temples is in Aigeai. The city’s health centre, Asklepion is world wide famous.

Yılankale (Snake Castle)

Yılankale is an important castle located in 40 kilometers east of Adana, on Ceyhan River bank. It is one of the Crusader Castles built in 11th century.

Kozan (Sis) Castle

Kozan Castle is located in the centre of Kozan county. It was built on a steep hill made of limestone, on a location that allows the castle to dominate the area.

Ancient City of Magarsus

Ancient City of Magarsus is located in Dört Direkli county, in 4 kilometers west of Karataş which is 49 kilometers away from Adana city centre. It was built in 7th century B.C. It was an important residential area in Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods.

Feke Castle & Karakilise (Black Church)

Feke Castle is located on a steep hill in 6 kilometers northeast of Feke centre. It was built by Byzantine Empire in 12th century.

Saimbeyli Castle

Haçin Castle in Saimbeyli county served as a police station for the protection of the caravan route in Medieval Era

Büyüksaat (Adana Clock Tower)

Construction of Adana Clock Tower started in 1881 on the order of Ziya Pasha and it was completed by the city governor Abidin Pasha in 1882.

Suleiman Tower

It was built in the age of the Ottoman padishah Süleyman the Magnificent and named after him.

Tepebag Houses

Tepebağ neighbourhood was built on the only elevated segment of the region in order to avoid Seyhan River’s floodings.

Bebekli Church

St. Paul Church is located in Çakmak Street in Tepebağ. It is an Italian Catholic church built on a basilical plan in 1881 in the name of St. Paul.

Oil Mosque and Kulliye

Oil Mosque was built as a Crusader Church in the name of Saint Jacque but it was later made into a mosque in 1501

Ulu (Grand) Mosque

Grand Mosque was built by Ramazanoğlu Halil Bey in 1513. In 1541, the mosque was expanded and restored by Piri Mehmet Pasha.

Ramazanoğlu Mansion

Ramazanoğlu Mansion is the oldest house in Adana. It is located in the kulliye of Grand Mosque. It was built on the order of Ramazanoğlu Halil Bey in 1495 according to the scriptures on the mansion door.

Misis Bridge

Misis Hill Town is located in Yakapınar region, Yüreğir county in 27 kilometers east of Adana city centre. Archeological excavations confirm that the site has a history dating back to 7.000 B.C. It was an important centre in Roman and Byzantine periods.

Tatarlı Höyük

Tatarlı Hill Town is located in Tatarlı Village, Ceyhan county which is 85 kilometers away from Adana city centre.

Kurtkulağı Caravansary

Kurtkulağı Caravansary is located in Kurtkulağı, on Adana-Aleppo caravan route.

All-Girls High School (Military Junior High)

It is located on the Seyhan River bank, in the south of Taş Köprü. It was built in 1881-1883, in SultanAbdul Hamid II period, on the order of Adana governor Abidin Pasha to be used as a military junior high school.

Kazancılar Bazaar

Located near the Big Clock Tower and having a 500-year history, the historical bazaar is a place where many traditional handicrafts such as copper and wood carving are still performed.

Adana Train Station