Kozan (Sis) Castle

Kozan Castle is an important part of the chain of castles in Çukurova. Among the endless plains in Çukurova hills were very rare. Castles for communication and security purposes were built on those hills. All of the castles such as Anavarza Castle, Kozan Castle, Tumlu Castle, Hemite Castle and Yılankale are in a position where they can see each other on the high hills on the plain. For example, the news of a ship docking in Ayas (Yumurtalık) port can be transmitted quickly from castle to castle.

Kozan Castle, located at the point where Çukurova ends and the Taurus Mountains begin, dominates the road connecting Cilicia to Kayseri.

Like other castles in Çukurova, it is difficult to determine exactly by whom Kozan Castle was built. Because various civilizations built castles on the rare plains in Çukurova. In this way, both the cost of castle construction was reduced and the walls and towers were made more durable. Over time, as new states conquered Çukurova, each of them made new additions, corrections and repairs on these castles. Therefore, it is possible to see the traces of various civilizations in this castle. Inscriptions in Assyrian, Roman and Armenian languages ​​found in the works carried out in the castle also show that the castle changed hands many times.

Kozan (Sis) castle, located on a 400-meter-high hill, is connected by walls in two separate sections and has 44 watchtowers. There are secret cellars descended by steps and large water cisterns used during the siege periods in the castle. The perimeter of all the walls of the castle reaches 6 km.

Kozan Castle Dungeon and Monastery

On the hill where Kozan Castle is located, there are also the remains of a monastery built by the Armenian Principality, which once ruled here. In this monastery, baptismal oil was extracted with a ceremony attended by wealthy Christians from various parts of the world, and this ceremony was of great importance for the Orthodox. Those who participated in this ceremony were elevated to the rank of saints. Other places where baptismal oil was extracted together with Kozan were Jerusalem and Açmiyazin.

The cellar just to the left of the door in Kozan Castle is the dungeon where it is rumored that the famous Islamic hero Battal Gazi was imprisoned. According to the legend, Battal Gazi is a heroic warrior who played a major role in the conquest of Kozan.

Where is Kozan Castle? Directions Information. How to go to Castle?

Kozan Castle is in Kozan town center and its distance from Adana is 80 km. The castle can be easily reached via the 1.5 km long asphalt road. You can also walk to the castle and see the old Kozan houses and mansions full of history.

When you go to Kozan Castle, there is a cafe with a view overlooking the whole plain, as well as an artificial waterfall that came into service in 2013. Here, we recommend you to enjoy this beautiful view while sipping the local terebinth coffee.

Entrance to Kozan Castle is free.

Places to be seen around Kozan Castle:

Arikan Mansion: 100 m

Historical Kozan Houses: 300 m

Hoşkadem Mosque: 500 m

Ancient city of Anavarza:  36 km

Dagilcak Recreation Area: 15 km