Dağılcak Picnic Area

Dağilcak is a recreation area located in the north of Kozan District. In addition to the Dağılcak recreation area, a private business also offers food & beverage services to the visitors. Dağılcak is in the status of a Nature Park and is preferred by the people of Kozan and its surrounding districts to cool off and have a picnic, especially in hot times, with its natural spring waters and rich vegetation. There are camellias, picnic tables, prayer room, parking lot, fountains and toilets in Dağilcak. The entrance to the Dağılcak Recreation Area is free, and a parking fee of 5 TL is charged for visitors coming by car.

Kozan Dağılcak Directions Information. How to Get to Dağılcak

Dağılcak is 10 km from Kozan and 90 km from Adana. To go from Adana to Dağilcak, you must first reach Kozan District and follow the Feke road from there. After crossing the Kozan Dam, Dağilcak can be reached.

Places to See Around Kozan Dağilcak Recreation Area

Kozan Castle: 15 km

Anavarza Ancient City and Castle: 45 km

Arikan Mansion: 14 km

Hoskadem Mosque: 14 km

Karasis Castle: 22 km