Bebekli Church

St Paul's Church was built between 1880 and 1890 as the Armenian Apostolic Church. After the Armenians left Adana in 1915, it was connected to the Vatican. Today it is used by Catholic and Protestant congregations.

The statue of the Virgin Mary, made of bronze with a height of 2.5 meters on the church, is likened to a baby, and it is called Bebekli Church (bebek means baby in Turkish) among the people. Later, this name was written even on the plaque at the entrance of the church.

Who is St. Paul (Saint Paul)?

Saint Paul, who was born into a rich Jewish family from Tarsus, is known as one of the most important and influential figures of Christianity. His contributions to the spread of Christianity are so important that he is known as the "Apostle of Tarsus". St. Paul tried to spread Christianity outside of Jewish lands, and he has the biggest role in the Christianization of today's European lands. Paul played the most important role in making Christianity a separate religion from Judaism.

St. Paul's Church (Bebekli Church) Open to Visitors on Which Days and Hours?

Bebekli Church is open to visitors 5 days a week, except Sundays and Mondays.

Visiting Hours are between 09.00-12:00 in the morning and 14:30-17:00 in the afternoon.

No entry fee is charged.

Phone: +90 322 363 52 79


Where is  St. Paul's Church (Bebekli Church)? Directions Information. How to Get to the Church

Saint Paul Church (Bebekli Church) is located between Cemal Gürsel Street and 5 Ocak square, one of the most central places in Adana.

To go to Bebekli Church by private car, you need to park your car in a suitable place around Küçüksaat or 5 Ocak Square, and then take a short walk.

All public transportation vehicles in Adana are located in St. It passes through Cemal Gürsel or Abidinpaşa Street, which is very close to St. Paul's Church (Bebekli Church). By taking any bus or minibus, you can get off at a stop within walking distance of the church and reach the church in a very short time.

Places to see around St. Paul's Church (Bebekli Church):

Since Bebekli Church are  located in the historical part of Adana, there are many historical and touristic spots nearby. Walking west from  the church 500 metres and starting from Oil Mosque all can be visited respectively as Kazancılar Bazaar,  Adana Clock TowerRamazanoğlu Mansion, Ziyapaşa Park, Ulu MosqueGirls High SchoolTaşköprü, Cinema MuseumAtatürk Museum, Tepebag Houses, Sabancı Central Mosque, and Adana Merkez Park on foot. Visiting these places ​​in a suitable weather will be a pleasant walk that takes tourists to the past.