Adana Train Station

Adana Train Station is perhaps the most beautiful station in Turkey, which stands out with its visual impressiveness among similar train stations in the country. The station, located in the most central part of the city; it covers an area of 450 acres with its repair shops, lodgings, tavern and platforms.

It arouses excitement in those who see it with its impressive view and the view of a wide square.

Just in front of Adana Train Station, there is Uğur Mumcu Square, formerly known as  Station Square, where meetings, concerts and celebrations are held, which is of great importance for the city.

The construction of the station building, which was built by the German Deutsche Orient Bank company within the scope of the Baghdad Railway Project, was completed in 1912. The building, which has the characteristics of German architecture, draws attention with its gigantic size and magnificence.

To mention the remarkable features of the building:

  • Since it is built on a sloping ground, it is seen as 2 floors when viewed from the platforms, and as 3 floors when viewed from the square.
  • It was built in a symmetrical structure and the right and left sections consist of three floors and the middle section consists of two floors.
  • While the waiting room in the middle was high and single-storey with the influence of the German style, a floor was added later as needed.
  • The middle part has an aesthetic appearance with its 3-arched door.
  • As in most stations in Turkey, the building is generally painted yellow, but the windowsills are paved with white stones.
  • There are 3 platforms at the train station. At this station, especially Adana-Yenice-Tarsus-Mersin trains carry out intensive reciprocal flights.
  • In the square in front of Adana Train Station, there is a locomotive that was manufactured in 1929 and served until 1984. Especially those who want to take a souvenir photo take this locomotive in their frames.
  • A short scene of the James Bond movie Skyfall was shot on Kasım Gülek Bridge, just ahead of Adana Train Station. Again, this monumental building took place in İbrahim Tatlıses' s film Yalan and some TV series.


Where is Adana Train Station? Directions Information. How to Get to the Train Station?

Adana Train Station is located in the most central part of Adana's Seyhan District, in the Sular District. So much so that in the first years of the republic, the city axis was shaped by taking this place as the center. To reach Adana Train Station, you can use public transportation vehicles passing through Ziyapaşa Street or Mücahitler Street. Adana Metro also passes very close to the station.

Places to be seen around Adana Train Station:

Adana Train Station is located in one of the most central and modern areas of Adana. Ziyapaşa Boulevard and Atatürk Avenue, one of the most prestigious streets of Adana, reach Uğur Mumcu Square and Adana Train Station in the north-south direction. 


You can reach the southern part of the city, also known as Old Adana, in 5-10 minutes by public transport from Adana Train Station. Here are historical monuments,  within walking distance of each other. Starting from Oil Mosque all can be visited respectively with Kazancılar BazaarAdana Clock TowerRamazanoğlu Mansion, Ziyapaşa Park, Ulu MosqueGirls High School, Taşköprü, Cinema MuseumAtatürk Museum, Tepebağ HousesSabancı Central Mosque, and Adana Merkez Park on foot. Visiting these places ​​in a suitable weather will be a pleasant walk that takes tourists to the past.

You can also  reach Adana New Museum Complex, which is  one of the largest museums in Turkey, from here by a 15-minute walk or by using public transportation.