Suleiman Tower

Suleiman Tower is a military watchtower and defense tower, which is known by this name because it was built in 1536 during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent. The name of the Süleyman Tower in the Adana City Book records is Armed Ayas Castle.

In addition to protecting the merchant caravans and pilgrimage convoys going south from Istanbul, the Suleiman Tower had important functions such as observing the Mediterranean, preventing possible dangers and early reporting of pirate attacks to Ayas Port, which was an important trade base at that time.

There are small observation windows on the pentagonal tower.

When you go to the top of tower the tower,  you see that it is in an important position dominating a wide area from the Amanos Mountains in the east to the Karataş beaches in the west.

The ships of Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha visited the Suleiman  Tower and the famous Turkish sailor Piri Reis marked this tower and its location on the maps. The Tower of  was used for military purposes until the last periods of the Ottoman Empire.

Another feature of the Tower of Solomon is that there are rock tombs belonging to the Hellenistic period on the slope facing the sea just south of it. It is thought that this place was a Necropolis area in the Hellenistic period.

When you go to Solomon's Tower, we recommend you to watch and photograph the magnificent sunset view. Again, especially in the summer months, the beach right next to the tower will be a good choice for swimming with its smooth and clear water with the protection of the rocks.

Where is Suleiman Tower? Directions Information. How to Get to the Tower?

Süleyman Tower is within the boundaries of Kemalpaşa Neighborhood of Yumurtalık District of Adana. It is 1.5 km from Yumurtalık Town Center and 85 km from Adana.

The fastest alternative to go from Adana to Süleyman Tower with your private car is to go east on the Adana-Şanlıurfa Highway and exit the highway at Yılankale before reaching the Ceyhan toll booths and reach the Yumurtalık District Center by following the Ceyhan and Yumurtalık roads on the E90. If you follow the direction of the Süleyman Tower sign on the left after proceeding on the Karataş Road in the west direction to get to the Süleyman Tower from the Yumurtalık District Center, the Süleyman Tower will be reached after 200 meters.

You can use the buses going to Yumurtalık at Adana Yüreğir Bus Station to go to the Süleyman Tower by public transportation. You can also go to Suleiman Tower after you reach Yumurtalık with the city bus number 403.

Entry to the Tower of Solomon is free.

Places to be seen around Solomon's Tower:

Yumurtalık & Castles: 1.5 km

Kurtkulagi Caravanserai: 24 km

Misis Bridge: 36,5 km