Kurtkulağı Caravansary

Kurtkulağı Caravanserai is one of the last inns that the Ottoman Empire built when it was about to abandon its caravan building tradition. Therefore, it is one of the last works that reflect the Ottoman caravanserai architecture.

The  geographical structure of Anatolia is rugged and since ancient times the roads in Anatolia have progressed from certain points where the mountains let  the caravan pass. Even with today's technology and possibilities, these routes have not changed much.

Kurtkulağı Caravanserai is also located on the Aleppo road, which has been an important military, commercial and pilgrimage route throughout history. This road was used extensively by passing through the ancient bridge in Misis, which was built in the Romans period.

Aleppo road is the route that Suleiman the Magnificent and Sultan IV. Murad used in their Baghdad expeditions. Moreover, Suleiman the Magnificent established his encampment here and then proceeded in the direction of Payas. Evliya Çelebi (a famous Turkish traveler) also stayed at Kurtkulağı range before going to Damascus via Payas and mentioned this place in his travel book.

Kurtkulağı Caravanserai is a typical Menzil inn. Menzil inns, unlike city inns, are structures that were built on transportation roads and used for communication at the same time, thus undertaking the task of postal management of that period.

According to the inscription of the caravanserai found in Adana Museum today, the construction of the caravanserai, mosque and some buildings for protection was completed in 1704. The caravanserai is rectangular in shape and measures 46x23 m and has an area of ​​more than one decare.

The building, which was built of cut stone, has survived until today with its castle-like walls. A dim atmosphere prevails in the caravanserai, where lighting is provided by gratings on the ceilings. Functionality is kept in the foreground in the structure, which is also very simple in terms of decoration.

The fountain and large pool in the courtyard of the caravanserai were built for the water needs of horses and other animals.

Kurtkulağı Mosque, just 100 meters ahead of the Caravanserai, draws attention with its distinctive architecture and short minaret.

Where is Wolfear Caravanserai? Directions Information. How to go to Caravanserai?

Kurtkulağı Caravanserai is located within the borders of Kurtkulaği village of Ceyhan District of Adana. It is 15 km from Ceyhan District and 62 km from Adana.

To go from Adana to Kurtkulağı Caravanserai, you must proceed in the east direction by using the Adana-Osmaniye highway. After passing Misis, turn right at Çakaldere locality and pass Altikara and Körkuyu villages to reach Kurtkulağı village.

To go to Kurtkulağı Caravanserai by public transport, you should use the 502 number municipal busses departing from the Ceyhan district center.

Entry to Kurtkulağı Caravanserai is free. The door of the caravanserai is closed and the key for the visit can be obtained from the buffet just opposite the building.

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