Feke Castle & Karakilise (Black Church)

Feke Castle is an important castle built to ensure the safety of the historical Silk Road and the roads connecting Cilicia to central Anatolia.

Although the history of the castle is not known exactly, it is understood that it was under the rule of Armenians, Byzantines, Danishment and eventually Ottoman. Located on a 1270-meter-high hill, the castle dominates the entire land and trade route around it. It has a curved structure with a length of 190 meters and a width of 25 meters in the north-south direction.

Feke Castle was built on cliffs that ranged in height from 18 to 60 meters. In this way, the construction cost of the castle decreases and the defense becomes easier. There is a large cistern and various structures inside the castle.

The entrance part of the castle has been made roundabout just like other Çukurova castles. This makes defense much easier.

The castle has recently undergone restoration. We recommend you to see the castle, which has a view that will impress everyone who visits, whether they are interested in history or not.

Black Church

This building is named as Black Church because dark stones were used in its construction. Only the front (north) facade of the church is still standing today. There are Byzantine crosses and inscriptions on many historical cut stones. It is thought that the history of the church dates back to the early Byzantine period of 5-6 centuries.

While under Armenian rule in the 11th and 12th centuries, its name was changed to Kastalawn Monastery. During this period, it was also used as the residence of the Armenian Bishop. The building, which seems to have undergone various repairs in the past, was last restored in 2015.

Where is Feke Castle & Karakilise? Directions Information. How to go to the Castle?

Feke Castle is located within the borders of Süleşli Neighborhood of Feke District of Adana. It is 12 km away from Feke district center and 137 km from Adana.

To get to Feke Castle from Adana, proceed along the Kozan road and pass the Kozan and Feke districts, and you can reach the castle by following the direction of the Feke Castle sign on the left, about 5 km away. The black church is located on the way to Feke Castle.

There is no public transportation access to Feke Castle.

There is no entrance fee to Feke Castle and Black Church.

Places to be seen around Feke Castle & Karakilise:

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Kozan Castle: 61.5 km

Ancient city of Anavarza:  86.6 km