Obruk Waterfall

Saimbeyli Obruk Waterfall is one of the must-see natural beauties of the district. This natural wonder, formed by the gushing of water from the karst-limy structure, fascinates the visitors. Unlike many other waterfalls, it is possible to walk around the waterfall by using the wooden walkways built right above it. Waterfall exhibits a slightly sloping horizontal flow from afar. We think that Obruk Waterfall is a must-see waterfall with its vibrant flow and strong sound, tall plane trees that do not show the sun.

Admission to Obruk Waterfall is free.

Obruk Waterfall is preferred by the local people for picnic purposes. Tables for picnics, barbecue areas, parking lot and toilet are available at the waterfall. Recently, Obruk Waterfall is also preferred by campers.

According to the studies carried out by scientists, one of the places where butterflies can be observed most easily in Saimbeyli, which is home to 161 species and 40 percent of Turkey's butterfly varieties, Obruk Waterfall region is also determined as a butterfly breeding area. Another advantage of Saimbeyli is that it is sufficient to scan a small area to observe such a rich butterfly diversity. We recommend butterfly enthusiasts and photographers to visit the Obruk Waterfall, especially between May and August, in the district, which gives its name to the endemic butterfly named Saimbeyli Blue.

Where is Obruk (Saimbeyli) Waterfall? Directions Information. How to go to the Waterfall?

Obruk Waterfall is 5 km from the center of Saimbeyli District and 157 km from Adana. To go from Adana to Obruk Waterfall, proceed on the Kozan Road and pass the Kozan and Feke districts, and then follow the directions of the Obruk waterfall sign on the left at the 4th Km, while proceeding in the direction of Tufanbeyli from the Saimbeyli District center.

The best time to go to Obruk Waterfall is April, May and June when the flow of water is strongest. Cherry Festival is held in June in Saimbeyli, whose cherries are famous around the world and mostly exported. If June is chosen to see the Obruk Waterfall, it will be possible to both attend the festival and see the waterfall.

Traditional carpet and kilim weaving products, which are famous in Saimbeyli, are also exhibited and sold at the Saimbeyli Public Education Center. Again, very famous dried mountain thyme and cherry are sold at village stalls and at the county market that is set up every Thursday.

There are hostels in Saimbeyli that serve those who want to see and experience rural life in terms of eco-tourism.


Places to See Around Obruk (Saimbeyli) Waterfall:

Saimbeyli Castle: 5 km

Feke Castle-Black Church: 35 km

Shar Komana Ancient City: 54 km