Saimbeyli Castle

Saimbeyli Castle is a castle used by the Hittites, Romans, Byzantines, Crusaders and Ottomans. It has eight bastions, a watchtower and a water cistern. It is made of rectangular rubble stones.

In the past, all the states that ruled in Anatolia gave importance to this important because it was on an important caravan route connecting Cilicia to Kayseri and Cappadocia via the Taurus Mountains. The castle was repaired and maintained in some periods as it supervised the caravan route. In the old period, its name is also mentioned as Haçin and Badimon. The city gradually grew around the castle and expanded along the Adana-Kayseri road along the valley.

Muslims and Christians lived in unity and peace in Saimbeyli for centuries. The Muslim population concentrated around the castle. During the French occupation after the 1st World War, very painful events were experienced, and the castle was also badly damaged. The name of the commander Saim Bey, who was martyred while saving Saimbeyli from the Armenian occupation, was given to the district.

While describing the Saimbeyli castle, it is impossible not to mention the building consisting of a 4-storey wall that draws attention right in front of it. Known as the Marsahane, this building was designed by an architect of Armenian origin from the United States, and in a way is a model of skyscrapers in New York. There were banks, churches and workplaces in the 7-storey stone building. At that time, while the tallest building in Adana was 3 floors, a 7-storey building built in Saimbeyli was a structure that could be described as a skyscraper. The remains of a four-storey wall have survived from the building, which was damaged during the War of Independence. The view of the town between this wall and its windows, just to the west of the castle, offers an ideal view for taking snapshots.

Where is Saimbeyli (Haçin) Castle? Directions Information. How to go to Castle?

Saimbeyli Castle is on a hill overlooking the valley in the Saimbeyli District of Adana. It is 1.5 km away from Saimbeyli district center and 153 km from Adana.

To go to Saimbeyli Castle from Adana by private car, after reaching Kozan on the Kozan road, you must pass the Feke District with the direction of the signs and reach the Saimbeyli District center. You can reach the castle from 18 Ekim Street in Saimbeyli.

To go to Saimbeyli Castle by public transport, you should reach the district center by using the Saimbeyli buses departing from Adana. From here you can reach the castle in a 20-minute walk.

Cherry Festival is held in June in Saimbeyli, whose cherries are famous around the world and mostly exported. If June is chosen to see Saimbeyli Castle, it will be possible to both attend the festival and see the castle. At the same time, these months are the times when the flow rate of Obruk Waterfall is the strongest and its allure is the highest.

Traditional carpet and rug weaving products, which are famous in Saimbeyli, are also exhibited and sold at the Saimbeyli Public Education Center. Also very famous, dried thyme and cherry are sold at village stalls and at the county market that is set up every Thursday.

There are hostels in Saimbeyli that serve those who want to see and experience rural life in terms of eco-tourism.

There is no entrance fee to Saimbeyli Castle.

Places to See Around Saimbeyli (Haçin) Castle:

Obruk Waterfall: 1.8 km

Feke Castle-Black Church: 36 km

Ancient City of Şar Komana: 53.3 km