Seyhan River & Reservoir

Seyhan River and Seyhan Dam are two important natural beauties to visit in Adana city center. Seyhan River divides Adana city center into two in the middle. It is surrounded by Sarıçam and Yüreğir in the east and the central districts of Seyhan and Çukurova in the west. The fact that the Seyhan Dam is located in the city center has made it a preferred place for sightseeing, picnic and sportive activities for Adana residents and tourists. What the Bosphorus is to the people of Istanbul, the Seyhan River and the Seyhan Dam are to the people of Adana. Seyhan Dam, which was put into service in 1956, is also known as the New Dam because it is the second dam in the city center.

Seyhan River

The Seyhan River is one of the largest rivers in Turkey. Together with the Ceyhan and Berdan Rivers, they formed Çukurova, which is considered one of the most important plains in the world.

 The most important tributaries of the Seyhan River are Zamantı, Göksu, Çakıt, Körkun and Eğlence rivers. The first birth place of the 560 km long Seyhan River is Uzunyayla in Kayseri, and in its last 30 km flow, it forms the Adana-Mersin provincial border and pours into the Mediterranean at Deliburnu.

There are green areas and parks along both sides of the region where the Seyhan River flows from the city center. Old Dam Lake, Merkez Park, Seyhan Dam can be counted among these.

Vehicle transportation on the Seyhan River is provided over the Regulator Bridge, Girne Bridge, Mimar Sinan Bridge, Adana Highway Bridge and Seyhan Dam embankment. Historical Taşköprü  (stone bridge) is only open to pedestrian and bicycle transportation.

Seyhan Dam Lake

Seyhan Dam Lake is a dam that was put into service in 1956 for irrigation and electricity generation purposes. Its surface area is about 68 km. Since 2006, it has started to host the second leg of the Turkish Offshore Championship.

With the construction of the Çatalan Bridge (West Bridge) and the East Bridge in the Seyhan Dam Lake, the opportunity to tour around the dam with a vehicle has arisen. When visited by car, the coves and vegetation around the Seyhan Dam fascinate those who visit these places with their beauty. After crossing the Çatalan Bridge, there are many restaurants, breakfast shops and squeezing shops with lake views and large gardens around Topalak Village. In addition, there are many kebab and fish restaurants, especially on Adnan Menderes Road, as well as many cafes with lake views that stand out with bici bici in summer and salep in cold months.

Seyhan Dam is also a very attractive area for nature sports enthusiasts.

Paragliding enthusiasts prefer these places because of the wind currents in Rüzgarlıtepe and Menekşe' locations near the dam.

There are walking and cycling paths on Adnan Menderes Road, located on the western shore of the Seyhan Dam. Again on Adnan Menderes Boulevard, boat tours are made to Sevgi (love) Island on the dam, and canoes and sea bikes can be rented.

The circular  cycling route, especially starting from Kurttepe and crossing the western and eastern bridges and reaching Balcalı and the city center via Bayramhacılı village, is very popular among cyclists and is known as a lake tour.

All infrastructure and facilities for picnic are provided free of charge in the Mangalpark, which was newly opened in the vicinity of Bayramhacılı village, on the eastern shore of the Seyhan Dam.

The campus of Çukurova University also overlooks the Seyhan Dam, and the view from here is very impressive and is especially preferred for souvenir photography.

Where is Seyhan Dam Lake? Directions Information. How to Get to the Dam?

Seyhan Dam is 8 km north of Adana city center and can be easily reached by private vehicle. Again, to go to Seyhan Dam by public transport, orange-colored public buses going to Çukurova University can be preferred.

Places to be seen around Seyhan Dam Lake:

Old Dam Lake: 4 km

When you reach the center known as Old Adana by going 8 km south from the Seyhan Dam;

When you go to Old Adana, located at the south of the city, you will see that all historical places are very close to each other. Starting from Oil Mosque  you can visit respectively Kazancılar BazaarAdana Clock TowerRamazanoğlu Mansion, Ziyapaşa Park, Grand MosqueGirls High SchoolTaşköprü, Cinema MuseumAtatürk Museum, Tepebağ HousesSabancı Central Mosque on foot. Visiting these values ​​in a suitable weather will be a pleasant walk that takes tourists to the past.