Old Dam & Lake

Adana  Eski Baraj (Old Dam) Lake consists of the dam lake built for irrigation on the Seyhan River and the green area around it. Thanks to this dam, the yield from agricultural production in Çukurova has increased several times. Again, the damage caused by the Seyhan River to the city and the people due to the floods was prevented.

Characteristics of Adana Old Dam and Lake

The Old Dam was put into service in 1943. The Seyhan Dam, which was opened in 1956, was started to be called the New Dam and this dam started to be called  the Old Dam.This naming even gave its name to the neighborhoods in Adana. Important agricultural lands in Seyhan and Yüreğir were irrigated with 2 irrigation channels located to the east and west of the Old Dam. This is one of the important spawning points of local birds, especially in winter, dam gates are opened for migratory birds to lay their eggs, and the lake bed offers a different view. If you go here, we definitely recommend you to sit by the dam set and watch the water flow like a waterfall.

Hiking Trail and Picnic Area

There are walking paths, parks and benches for resting on both sides of the old Dam lake. Yaşar Kemal Walking and Running track, located on the Yüreğir side of the lake, is a 2.5 km long area closed to vehicle traffic. With this feature, it has become an area preferred by the people of Adana and tourists for walking, jogging and cycling in 4 seasons and especially in spring. The eucalyptus trees in this area were planted a long time ago to dry the swamp area, adding a distinct richness to the track. Here, again, there are tea gardens and a badminton court. In addition to sightseeing bicycles, pedalo and canoe can also be rented here. The walking track is also illuminated at night, and it is preferred for walking in the evening.

On the Seyhan side of the Old Dam Lake, there is a road to northern Adana and a walking and cycling path on the lake shore. While walking on this road, you will feel that the dam is right next to you and see people fishing. Again, it is a different experience to watch the view of the lake from the top of the area where the car park areas are located, next to the ATOSEV facilities, in the part called Dilberler's terrace. From here, we recommend you to take a memory photo with the unique landscape of the Old Dam Lake, the Youth Bridge and the eucalyptus trees standing like an island in the water.

Walking around the dam lake, crossing the suspension bridge known as the Youth Bridge, continuing from there and completing a circular track by using the old dam set as a bridge will give you a walking experience full of wonderful views.


Where is Adana Old Dam? Directions Information. How to Get to the Dam?

The Old Dam is located in a central location in Adana, and its transportation is very easy from anywhere in the city. You can reach here with a 2-minute walk after getting off at this junction by using any bus or minibus that passes through the Hospitals Junction by public transport. Again, if a private car is used, you should proceed to the north along Fuzuli Street, and after crossing the line of Demirköprü and Mimar Sinan Bridge, follow the road that turns to the right. You can reach the Youth Bridge by turning right when it comes to the Highway Bridge level, and the vehicles can be parked here or in the pockets along the slope.

Places to See Around the Old Dam:

Due to its central location in Adana, the Old Dam can be reached in 20 minutes, even by public transport, to the places to visit in the historical part of the city known as old Adana.

When you go to Old Adana, located at the south of the city, you will see that all historical places are very close to each other. Starting from Oil Mosque  you can visit respectively Kazancılar BazaarAdana Clock TowerRamazanoğlu Mansion, Ziyapaşa Park, Grand MosqueGirls High SchoolTaşköprü, Cinema MuseumAtatürk Museum, Tepebağ HousesSabancı Central Mosque. Visiting these values ​​in a suitable weather will be a pleasant walk that takes tourists to the past.