Kızıldağ Highland

Kızıldağ Highland, located within the borders of Karaisalı district, is one of the oldest plateaus of Adana and Karaisalı. Kızıldağ plateau is a region used by the people of Adana to stay in the summer during the Ramazanoğulları Principality. Ramazanoğulları Principality government building and the Piri Halil Bey Mosque, which was also built by them, are located here. It is known that in ancient times, all of Adana migrated here during the summer period, and even all the people, including the prisoners and guards, spent the summer period here. Traditional Karakucak Wrestling, which has a history of 630 years, is also held here in August every year.

Kızıldağ Plateau has a rich nature in terms of wildlife, with its rich vegetation consisting of pine, juniper, spruce, fir and tar trees, as well as animals such as wolves, lynx, mountain goats, eagles, falcons and partridges.

In addition, some of them are preferred for picnics with their ice-cold water flowing from historical fountains and springs. In the summer, people who lose their appetite from the heat in Adana also prefer this place for eating & drinking with its famous butchers, restaurants and desserts.

Kızıldağ Highland Weather

It is possible to say that Kızıldağ Plateau is 10 degrees cooler than Adana city center in summer, thanks to its high altitude and low humidity.

Kızıldağ Plateau is one of the important places preferred by the people of Adana to experience snow in winter. Before going to Kızıldağ in winter, it would be a good idea to reach the shopkeepers butchers etc. who are permanent residents there by phone and learn about the existence of snow.

Kızıldağ Highland Altitude Information

Kızıldağ Plateau is one of the high altitude plateaus of Karaisalı and Adana. The altitude of the settlements varies from 1550 meters to 1700 meters.

Kizildağ Highland Directions and Bus Schedules. Where is the highland and how to go?

Kızıldağ Highland is 78 km away from the center of Adana and 28 km from Karaisalı. There are two ways to go to Kızıldağ Plateau. One of these, which is wide and smooth and more preferred, is to go through Karaisalı District. On the way from Adana, before reaching Karaisalı District Center, turn right from the oil hub and proceed 2 km over Kutlu Aktaş Road, then turn slightly to the left and follow the signs.

The second alternative to the question of how to get to Kızıldağ plateau from Adana is to proceed 30 km without deviating in any direction, after reaching the Pozantı district center, passing the Armutoluğu plateau over the Gökbez village road. The part of this option up to Pozantı is the highway, after which it consists of winding and narrow roads. This road, which has a beautiful view, should be preferred by those who are not in a hurry or who want to reach Kızıldağ from near Pozantı.

There is a regular public transportation opportunity from Adana Merkez Kanalköprü location and Karaisalı district center to Kızıldağ Plateau in summer months.


Places to be seen around Kızıldağ Plateau:

Körkün Canyon: 24 km

Şekerpınarı and Akköprü: 32.8 km

Yerköprü: 36 km

Dokuzoluk Picnic Area: 33,5 km

Varda Bridge: 44 km

Kapikaya Canyon: 44 km


Kesrihan: 38 km