Körkün Canyon

The Körkün (Ecemiş) Stream is one of the important branches of the Seyhan River. It arises from the foot of the Demirkazık peak in the Çamardı District of Niğde, forming deep valleys and canyons starting from the Kamışlı village, passing through the Hacılı Village and reaching the Seyhan Dam around the Kaşobası Village.

Access to some parts of Körkün Canyon can only be done with professional equipment and people who have mountaineering-canyoning training. The part of Körkün Canyon, which is described in our article, is a natural wonder where an average tourist can see magnificent views and have unique experiences without equipment. You can swim in the ponds, take pictures at the waterfalls, and have a picnic and camp in the view of the Körkün Canyon, which offers scenes reminiscent of the Avatar movie.

Körkün Canyon Campground

Körkün Canyon is a good alternative for camping lovers with its close distance to the city center, unique natural scenery and abundant water resources. There are many options for the Körkün Canyon camping area along the Körkün Stream. After passing the Dalga Water Facilities, you can leave your vehicle around the bridge and walk for 2.5 km along the path to reach a flat area large enough for a crowded group to camp, overlooking the Körkün Canyon.

For those who want to camp individually, there are many camping spots along the canyon.

In addition, there are private facilities as well as public areas for camping and picnicking in the vicinity of Hacılı Village, downstream of the Körkün River.

Where is Körkün Canyon? Directions to Kanyon

The distance of Körkün Canyon to Adana is 68 km, and the distance to Karaisalı District is 19 km. To get to Körkün Canyon from Adana, before reaching Karaisalı District center turn right towards Kutlu Aktaş Road , after 2 km, turn slightly left and proceed 9 km along the Kızıldağ Plateau road and turn to Çukur Village road, which is also indicated by the signs on the right. After passing Çukur Village, continue on the road without deviating in any direction, pass the water factory on the right and park the vehicle around the Körkün River bridge. After parking the vehicles, you can walk 3-4 km up the pathway along the Körkün Canyon to reach the end of the part of the canyon that can be visited for amateurs. Don’t think that  the 3-4 km road is long and difficult, the way to the destination is also very enjoyable here.

Places to be seen around Körkün Canyon:

Dokuzoluk Picnic Area: 9 km

Varda Bridge: 36 km

Kapikaya Canyon: 25 km

Kesrihan: 30 km