Kapıkaya Canyon

Kapıkaya Canyon is a natural wonder created by Çakıt Riveer, one of the important branches of Seyhan, by eroding the mountains. Çakıt River, which leaves the canyon in Kapıkaya Village of Karaisalı District, flows along the plain after here. Kapikaya Canyon was also used for transportation purposes in ancient times and is also known as Adnan Menderes Post Road. Every shade of green can be seen throughout the canyon; There are especially carob, oleander, plane and olive trees.

As you progress through the canyon, sometimes the slopes get so close to each other that you can't see the sky and forget what time of day it is. Kapikaya Canyon is the place where time stops.

With the project supported by Çukurova Development Agency in 2012, walking paths were arranged along the canyon, guiding signs were placed, and guardrails were built on the steep parts of the canyon.

An entrance of Kapıkaya Canyon starts from Kapıkaya Village, which takes its name from here, and with the 7,250-meter walking path, you can reach Yerköprü Recreation Area, another beauty of Adana. In the central part of the canyon, there is Bahçecik Waterfall, which flows in spring, and there are wooden sitting and picnic areas and a viewing terrace in the view of this waterfall.

The track is very satisfying in terms of scenery and is an easy track that can be completed by someone in average physical condition with ease and pleasure. In addition to hiking, activities such as rock climbing and mountain biking are also available in the Canyon. For those who want to camp, there is a camping area in the immediate vicinity of Bahçecik Waterfall.

With the suspension bridge completed in 2018, the connection between Varda Bridge and Kapıkaya Canyon was provided by a short route. It would be appropriate for those who will use this road to reach the canyon starting from the Varda Bridge, since the descent is downhill and the walk is easy.

Where is Kapikaya Canyon?

Kapikaya Canyon stretches along the Çakıt River, and the part that is open for hiking starts from Karaisalı Kapıkaya Village and extends to Yerköprü Recreation Area. The distance of the canyon to Adana is 45 km, and the distance to Karaisalı town center is 5 km.

How to Go to Kapikaya Canyon? Directions for Kapikaya Canyon

You can reach Kapıkaya Canyon by reaching Kapıkaya Village in Karaisalı District.  You can use public transport until  Karaisalı District Center, the rest can be reached by private vehicle,. The other entrance of the canyon can be reached from the Yerköprü Recreation Area. If you go by Yerköprü, it will be possible to drive by an average car up to Bahçecik Waterfall in the canyon.

The answer to the question of how to get to Kapıkaya Canyon by train is to get off the train at Hackırı Station and take a 5 km nature walk to reach the suspension bridge and the canyon in the canyon.

We recommend visitors with short time to enter the canyon from Kapıkaya village and continue walking for about half an hour. Because this is the place where the walls of the canyon come closest to each other and therefore the most beautiful. After a little progress, the landscape continues in the form of a valley and everywhere is similar to each other. We recommend that tourists who spend more time at least go up to Bahçecik Waterfall and the suspension bridge.

How much is Kapikaya Canyon Entrance Fee?

Entrance to Kapikaya Canyon is free. There is a facility that offers food & beverage service at the entrance by Kapıkaya Village. There are also businesses and that sell sıkma, flatbread and pies, where you can enjoy tea and coffee accompanied by the sound of the river. There is also wc.

At the entrance of Yerköprü Recreation Area, there is a private business for dining, as well as paid camellias that can be rented for picnics. There is also a private business that offers catering services in the area that is close to Bahçecik Waterfall.

Places to See near Kapikaya Canyon:

Varda Bridge: The distance to the canyon is 16 km by car and 5 km by walking if the suspension bridge is used.

Yerköprü Recreation Area: It is located at the entrance of the canyon.

Kesri Han: Its distance to the canyon is 11 km.