Dokuzoluk Picnic Area

Dokuzoluk is one of the most important and unique recreation areas of Adana. It consists of a canyon over the Entertainment Stream and springs around it in the Merkez boztahta Village of Karaisalı. Dokuzoluk (nine spring) took its name from these 9 springs.

Dokuzoluk Picnic Area Features

The picnic area of ​​Dokuzoluk consists of springs gushing from various points on the edge of a canyon, lush vegetation and ponds where visitors can cool off in the ice-cold water. Picnic, swimming, fishing, hiking, taking photos are among the activities that can be done here. It is recommended to photograph the canyon view over the bridge.

There are tables, camellias, barbecue areas, masjid, fountain and toilets that visitors can use for picnics in Dokuzoluk. The entrance fee is 10 TL. It is especially preferred by those who want to get away from the heat of Adana and spend their day in a different and relaxing natural wonder.

Since it is a very popular picnic and recreation area, which is preferred by the people of Karaisalı and the surrounding villages, it may not be possible to find a picnic area, especially in spring and summer months. While we strongly recommend you to see Dokuzoluk, those who go here for a picnic should prefer weekdays or Saturdays if possible, and those who go on Sunday should set off early.

Dokuzoluk Canyon

The canyon on the  Eğlence Stream was formed by the erosion of the limestone structure by the stream. Water springs gush along the walls of the canyon, making Dokuzoluk one of the unique places that must be seen in Adana. The water in the canyon is clear and quite refreshing, and it is possible for those who can swim to reach the end of the canyon by advancing 100 meters.

Where is Dokuzoluk?  Directions to Dokuzoluk.

Dokuzoluk is 29 km from Karaisalı and 79 km from Adana. There are two options for the question of how to get from Adana to Dokuzoluk. Directions through Çukur village, which is a shorter and smoother option, are as follows:

Before reaching Karaisalı District Center from Adana, turn right from the hub where the petrol station is located, and after 2 km, turn slightly to the left on the Kızıldağ road, here, after 9 km to the north, turn to the Çukur village road, which is also directed by the signs. You can reach Dokuzoluk when you pass the Körkun Stream and proceed without deviating in any direction.

Places to See Around Karaisalı Dokuzoluk 

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