Şekerpınarı and Akköprü

Şekerpınarı  (meaning sweet spring in Turkish) and Akköprü are important values ​​that can be seen as the symbols of Pozantı. It has become a tradition for those traveling between Central Anatolia and Çukurova to cool off and take a food break here.


Şekerpınarı is a powerful water source that forms an important part of Çakıt River. The huge river cascading out of the mountain; fascinates visitors with its sound, appearance and cool breeze. There are water filling facilities belonging to various companies in the immediate vicinity of the source of Şekerpınarı.

Restaurants located around the water source, which are famous throughout Turkey for the taste of their meat, are a good reason to take a lunch break here. Again, in the resting facilities, businesses where the region's famous desserts such as sweets and Taş Kadayıf  are sold hot and fresh are also highly preferred. We recommend that you photograph the river and the Akköprü above it while crossing the suspension bridge known as the “Şapkalının Köprüsü”  just below Şekerpınarı, and drink water from the chute opposite the bridge.

Akköprü (White Bridge)

Akköprü is thought to have been built in the Middle Ages but  the exact date of construction is unknown. It is estimated that the bridge was built before 833, since it is stated in the written sources that the Abbasid caliph Ma'mun passed through here during his campaign against Byzantium. It is also called Şekerpınarı Bridge because of the Şekerpınarı next to it. It was used as a customs point by Karamanoğulları in the 14th century, as it is on the way from Çukurova to Anatolia. Akköprü is 83 meters long and 5.70 meters wide and its arch span is 10.35 meters. It is likened to the Mostar Bridge in Bosnia with its one-eyed structure and architectural style. The bridge was built with yellowish cut stones. Akköprü, which underwent repairs in accordance with its original form on various dates and was severely damaged in the last flood in 1991, took its current form with the last restoration carried out in 2000-2001.

Where is Pozantı Şekerpınarı & Akköprü? Directions Information. How to go to Pozantı Şekerpınarı & Akköprü?

Şekerpınarı and Akköprü are located on the Adana-Ankara highway, on the Adana-Niğde provincial border. It is 6 km away from Pozantı town center and 106 km away from Adana city Centre. To go from Adana to Şekerpınarı, take the Adana-Ankara highway, exit the highway at south Pozantı toll office and go 5 km in the direction of Niğde. When using the old Adana-Ankara highway without entering the highway, you can reach here by moving 5 km north after passing Pozantı. Those who want to go to Şekerpınarı and Akköprü by public transport can use the Pozantı minibuses departing from Kanalköprü Mevkii and Bus Station in Adana.

Places to be seen around Pozantı Şekerpınarı & Akköprü:


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Gülek Castle: 39 km