Belemedik is an impressive touristic value that draws attention with its green nature, wildlife, railway and tunnels, German ruins along Çakıt Stream in Adana's Pozantı District. Belemedik promises a lot to visitors with its Çakıt river, giant plane trees that offer the most beautiful yellow in autumn, and pine trees that stay green despite them, wooden and stone buildings.

Belemedik Valley

The valley, also known as the Belemedik Valley, is actually the valley formed by Çakıt Stream, an important branch of the Seyhan River, as it flows between the Bolkar Mountains. When you reach here, when you turn south from Pozantı, you proceed along the Çakıt Stream and the railway. Along the stream flowing through steep rocks and cliffs, plane trees offer seasonal green and yellow snapshots.

An important point on the Belemedik Valley is the place known as the German Spring, where clear and ice-cold water emerges from a cave. Here it is possible to cross the suspension bridge and have a picnic around this spring.

While there was a small settlement called Karapınar in Çakıt Valley until 1900, it suddenly turns into a giant construction site. The Germans also saw this place as the most suitable place to cross the Taurus Mountains. After all, Çakıt Stream has made their work easier by eroding mountains for millions of years. The Ottoman Empire, which lagged behind the Europeans, agreed with Germany for the Baghdad Railway, which is a very big project, in order to catch them. The Ottomans mobilized all their means for this line, and by using the title of caliph, aid was collected even from India. The Germans, who progressed very fast from Haydarpaşa to Konya Ereğli during the construction phase, will stop at the Taurus barrier for many years and will build tunnels of kilometers long and works such as the Varda bridge that impresses people even today. In this region where they will stay for many years, they will establish an enormous town called Belemedik.

The story of where the name Belemedik came from is also interesting. During the construction of the Baghdad Railway, teams working from both sides to unite in the middle of the tunnel to open the difficult Taurus tunnels sometimes say to each other "We did not know" when they do not meet, and this name turns into Belemedik in time.

A highway parallel to the Çakıt river and the railway was built in the town, which had very limited means of transportation apart from the train until 25 years ago.

This cute cottage was built for some scenes of the Dila Hanım series and added a different atmosphere to Belemedik. Again, some of the fight scenes on the train of the movie "James Bond Skyfall" were shot in Belemedik.

Belemedik Nature Park

Declared as a registered Nature Park, Belemedik is very rich in terms of wildlife. Wild goats, wild boars and raptors can be observed in Belemedik. In addition to these animals in the mountains, it is possible to encounter animals such as jackals, wolves, foxes, badgers, lynx, hedgehogs, skunks, bats, and birds such as hawks, eagles, falcons, vultures, crows and madmen.

In this area, which is also very rich in terms of vegetation, besides pine species, plane trees, herbaceous plants and mushroom species can be seen especially along Çakıt Stream. The monumental plane tree, located in the most central place of Belemedik, defies centuries.

Belemedik Picnic Area

Belemedik is a very good option for picnics with its clean air, green nature and infrastructure provided by the municipality. It is preferred by picnickers to get away from the heat of Adana, especially in summer.

All infrastructure facilities such as picnic tables, barbecue areas, parking lot, prayer room, fountain toilet are available here. Again, right next to the monumental plane tree, the restaurant operated by the Municipality of Pozantı serves mixed breakfast and grill varieties.

While you can stay in bungalow houses that are in harmony with the texture of the region, which have been put into service by the municipality recently, the camping area in the square is a good alternative for those who will stay with tents or caravans.

Belemedik is also rich in nature and outdoor activities. Bicycle rental is available here. It is also preferred by people who like hiking trails and mountain walks. In addition, angling on the Çakıt coast and rock climbing in the rocky areas are among the activities that can be done here.

We especially recommend every nature lover with average condition to complete the 16 km stage between the village of Belemedik and Kuşçular. After moving a few kilometers here, the German hospital and so on. to the ruins of buildings; further along, you will come across unique views along the Çakıt valley and the highway tunnel known as Taşdurmaz by the locals. Taşdurmaz stage is very popular among nature walkers as well as those who use bicycles, motorbikes and off-road vehicles.

In the coldest days of winter, it snows in Belemedik once a year on average. Belemedik is also preferred for those who want to take snow photos and experience snow.

Where is Pozantı Belemedik? Directions Information. How to go to Belemedik?

Belemedik is located 12 km from Pozantı, 110 km from Adana by road and 90 km by rail. There are road and railway alternatives to reach Belemedik from Adana city center.

To go from Adana to Belemedik by road, take the Adana-Ankara highway and exit the highway at the Güney Pozantı toll office.

To reach Belemedik from Adana by train, the Toros Express, which departs from Adana Station every morning at 07:45, can be preferred. It can be reached here by getting off at Belemedik Station after a very pleasant journey from Hackırı Station. We recommend that passengers going to Belemedik by train should prefer the seats on the right window side. Thus, you will see the magnificent Çakıt Valley and cliff views between the tunnels from Hackırı Station to Belemedik.

To reach Belemedik from Adana by public transportation, you can reach Pozantı by Adana-Pozantı minibuses departing from Kanalköprü and the bus station. From here, you can reach Belemedik by private car or a pleasant nature walk.

Day trips to Belemedik are organized by tourism agencies and travel clubs from Adana and Mersin, especially in autumn. Those who want to enjoy Belemedik with other nature lovers to the fullest can follow these events on social media.

Places to See Around Belemedik:

Şekerpınarı-Akköprü: 18 km

Kızıldağ Highland: 41 km

Gülek Castle: 43 km