Yerköprü is one of the most different and unique natural beauties of Karaisalı. The waters accumulated by the landslide on Çakıt River melted the chalky layer and flowed underground, thus forming a natural bridge. Yerköprü got its name from the combination of the words Ground  (yer) and Bridge (köprü) in this way. What makes Yerköprü even more special is that large and small springs bursting from everywhere spill over the Çakıt River from here as waterfalls. In short, it would be correct to say about Yerköprü that there is water above the water.

When you go to Yerköprü, we definitely recommend you to go to the observation terrace and see the Çakıt Stream sinking under the ground, then go 300 meters in the other direction and watch the river emerge from the ground this time. As you walk, you should feel that an important branch of the Seyhan River, a huge river, is flowing under you.

When you go downstream from Yerköprü along Çakıt River, the southern entrance of Kapıkaya Canyon is reached. This is a 7 km long, fun and scenic walking track, built with the support of Çukurova Development Agency.

Yerköprü Waterfall

In Yerköprü, the springs gushing from all four sides converge exactly where Çakıt emerges from under the ground, forming lakes and waterfalls. Especially in April and May, these streams and waterfalls greet the visitors in their most enthusiastic state, and the enthusiasm of the water in Yerköprü waterfall infects people. Ducks swimming in the ponds, the icy coolness of the waters, the shade of lush green pine and plane trees, you come across an example of paradise. Moreover, you are surprised. When Adana is so hot, you wonder how the Yerköprü is so cool and relaxing.

Yerköprü Picnic Area

Yerköprü is one of the most preferred picnic places in Adana and Karaisalı, especially in spring and summer. The coolness brought by the icy waters, the shade of the trees and the view of the waterfall have made this place a very popular and preferred place. Here, it is possible to light a fire and have a picnic in the paid camellias. There is a prayer room, natural fountains, parking lot and WC. Here again, a private business serves the visitors with varieties such as village breakfast, meat and fish.

Another alternative for a picnic is Bahçecik Waterfall, which can be reached after going 4 km along Çakıt River from Yerköprü to the south. You can reachhere by the road directed by the signs in Yerköprü. Here, there is a camellia for picnic purposes, a viewing terrace and a WC.

Where is Yerköprü? Directions Information. How to go to Yerköprü?

Yerköprü is located 63 km from Adana and 10 km from Karaisalı. After reaching Karaisalı center by private vehicle, you can reach here by following the signs. Those who want to come here by public transport, on the other hand, need to reach the town center of Karaisalı by minibus or bus, and then reach Yerköprü by a private vehicle.

Places to be seen around Yerköprü:

Varda Bridge: 7.6 km

Kapikaya Canyon:: 7 km on foot, 15 km by car

Körkün Canyon: 28 km

Dokuzoluk Picnic Area: 38 km

Kızıldağ Highland: 36  km

Kesri Han: 21 km