Upside Down House (Ters Ev)

The upside down house concept, which is very popular all over the world, was implemented in Adana with the efforts of Yüreğir Municipality in 2021. The first visitors to enter this building, are very astonished with the fact that the rooms, bathroom and kitchen of the two-storey house are completely in reverse. The house, where photographs and selfies are taken especially to share on social media, attracts great attention. Espically young people, children and photography enthusiasts are impressed with the concept.  It takes some time to get used to this house, where the sitting group, dining table, kitchen utensils, combi boiler and all other items are on the ceiling. We recommend that families, especially their children, take their children to upside down house which creates the feeling of walking on the ceiling.


Where is the Upside Down House? Directions Information. How to go to Upside Down House?

The upside Down House is located in the Yuregir Millet Garden on Haci Sabanci Road in Adana's Merkez Yuregir District. To go to upside down house by private car, you can park your car here by entering Yüreğir Millet Garden from Hacı Sabancı Road. Public buses 115, 125 and 174 passing through Hacı Sabancı Road can be preferred to go to upside down house by public transport. You can have a pleasant journey by using the Sinanpaşa and Yavuzlar suspension bridges over the Merkez Park to go on foot to upside down house on the banks of the Seyhan River.

The entrance fee to upside down house is 7 TL for civilians and 5 TL for students.

Places to see around Upside Down House


In terms of its location, Upside Down House is right across the Merkez Park along the Seyhan River and within walking distance of the Sabancı Merkez Mosque. After visiting Sabancı Central Mosque and  Adana Central Park in the afternoon, you can visit Upside Down House with a pleasant walk by using the suspension bridges over the Seyhan River.