Adana is located in the south of the Anatolian Peninsula, in Mediterranean Region with its beautiful beaches, ancient cities, castles, orange fields, rich lands, highlands, fresh air and sunny weather that adorns the city regardless of season. Adana’s economy is mostly built on agriculture and industry. Adana is the largest city of the Mediterranean Region and it is the fifth largest city of Turkey with a population of almost 2.200.000 people. The city center is located on Seyhan River bank which starts on top of Taurus Mountains and sweeps its way through lowlands to reach the Mediterranean Sea. Archeological researches carried out in the city indicate that it has a long history, over thousands of years. Through history, Adana became a home to many civilizations and it still welcomes people migrating from all over Turkey with great hospitality.

Adana’s administrative structure includes 1 metropolitan municipality, 15 counties and 828 neighbourhoods.