Küp Waterfalls

Küp Waterfall is a chain of waterfalls located in the canyon on the Zamantı river, one of the important branches of the Seyhan river. Although it is known as Aladağ Küp Waterfall, it is actually a collection of waterfalls consisting of around 10 waterfalls. This place, which was not known until recently. It emerged when the dam was built and became very popular.

The point that distinguishes this place from the many and different beautiful waterfalls in our country is that there are around 10 waterfalls along the 1.5 km canyon, the ground bridge, which is a tunnel formation in the river, the pipe waterfall formed by the water gushing out of the rock, and the cave with a spring coming out of it are very impressive. It offers the opportunity to see the wonders of nature together.

Many activities such as escaping the heat of Adana,  having picnic, camping in nature, taking wonderful photos in impressive landscapes, trekking and other nature sports can be done here. Many ponds located around the waterfalls also offer the visitors the opportunity to cool off and swim with their ice-cold waters. In addition to a country restaurant serving in the spring and summer season, there are stalls selling local products and dishes such as sıkma and börek in Küp Waterfall.

The entrance to the Cube waterfall is free. With the stairs and wooden walkways built by the municipality, all waterfalls and formations can be visited comfortably and safely.

Where is Cube Waterfall?

Küp Waterfall is located near Küp Village in Aladağ District of Adana and got its name from this village. It is located on the Zamantı River, which is one of the important branches of the Seyhan River. Its distance from Aladağ District Center is 37 km and its distance from Adana city center is 130 km.

Küp Waterfall Directions & How to Go to Waterfall?

Although there are a few alternatives to go to Küp Waterfall, the smoothest route among these alternatives is the road to Mansurlu Plateau. If we give directions from here: From Adana Center, take the Kozan Road. At the junction located 10 km before Kozan, turn left onto the Mansurlu-Yahyalı road and follow Tufanlı, Postkabasakal, Akarca and Salmanlı Villages. When crossing the bridge over the river after Salmanlı village, the stabilized road on the left should be entered. The waterfalls can be reached by following the Küp Waterfall signs along the stabilized road. Although the road is dirt, the views it offers will make you forget all your tiredness.

An alternative for those who do not want to go with their personal vehicle is the day trips organized by tourism agencies and travel clubs. Nature clubs organize trips to Küp Waterfall every weekend during the summer season, and these tours can be followed on social media and the internet.

Places to see near Cube Waterfall

Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls: 30 km (the road is a bit rough and land vehicle is recommended)